Natpu Palam

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

– Nelson Mandela


Leaders of Tomorrow

The goal of this project is to assist and develop the war affected youths of the present with the necessary leadership qualities and skills through seminars and workshops so that they will shine as capable leaders for the future Tamil communities and businesses.


The University Scholarship Fund

This project has been setup to benefit the economically struggling university students from North and East for 3 academic years. This fund currently pays a monthly stipend of SLRs 2,000. There is an ever increasing demand for this kind of help in order to ensure a proper education for financially struggling youth.


School Supply Assistances

This project has been set up to provide critical school supplies to elementary students such as school bags, shoes, pencils, pens, instrument sets and bicycles (based on distance).


After-school programs/Exam prep

These projects were aimed at preparing students for passing their exams and achieve eligibility for government scholarships. We are funding after school tuitions for the Koralaippattu school and Eluthumaduval School district benefiting over 200 students.

Another initiative of the NOW WOW- Nadpuppaalam – நட்புப்பாலம் is the Friendship Bridge between the students of the homeland and the second generation of expatriate students. The Nadpuppaalam educational activity has aroused interest among the students of Muravodai Shakthi Vidyalayam. Please Keep “Leaders of Tomorrow” & “After-school Programs/Exam prep”

What are we trying to solve?

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Our goals.