Transportation Assistance to Teachers

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

– Nelson Mandela

The transportation to Veeranagar G.T.M.S and Vadamunai schools located near Polanaruva district have been difficult. The teachers have to travel through a jungle path for 18km to reach these school. Since NOW WOW arranged for the three – wheeler service for the teachers, it was confirmed that teachers are able to attend school without any hardship.

How can you help?

Your on-line or mail-in donation can provide a war affected individual or family with opportunity and hope to improve their lives.

Volunteer your time and skills to NOW-WOW charitable activities.  We often need help with fundraising, project planning, coordination and execution, project monitoring and following up with recipients on their progress, working with local partners, social media and communication, updating donors with status, etc. Please email us if you are interested.

There are lot of young Tamils who need your help. Money alone cannot be of help in certain cases. Help the ones suffering from post war syndrome and depression.

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